First Confessions

I’ve been preparing Sasha and Pio for their first confession along with their Catechist at the local parish.

I thought it will be a daunting experience to be the one preparing them. The nuns prepared me for this sacrament. What are my qualifications compared to the religious?

While in the midst of the preparation, I realized a mother is actually the best person to prepare her children to confession. She has the grace of state. We all know that motherhood is divine. She knows her children more than any other teacher will get to know them. You are with them from morning to night. She loves them more than anyone else. She will give up everything for all her children to go to heaven. Is there any loftier ambition than this?


Pio and Sasha: Still babies

True enough. The children respond with amazing positiveness and excitement towards this sacrament if you explain it to them in a way they will understand and touch God.

God after all is a forgiving Father.

They can’t understand why a person would be scared to go to Confession. They even showed me the list of their sins.

They are funny, cute sins to me but they were very contrite about it. Their father can’t stop laughing when he saw the lists.

2015-04-17 11.23.23

I think they are ready. I am very happy.