Mr Big Turns 7

Pio turns 7 today.

He was born big!!!

A whooping 4.4+ kg!

Big nose. Big face. Big voice.



You just want to munch those big cheeks.

He remains to be the biggest of the chickens.


If I want something done without any complains, I ask Pio.

If I reprimand a child and doesn’t hear any answering back (not even a word), that child is Pio.

If his siblings are fighting over something, Pio gets restless and readily gives whatever he has on hand so they stop fighting.

If I give them some sweets and a child offers me back the whole of his lot, that can only be Pio.

2015-04-24 19.23.19

Pio, my big heart baby.

It has been a pride and joy to be your mother.