How Santa Claus Came to Be

I am not sure if you got exasperated waiting for the birth of baby no 6.

I sure did.

This was the series of events which culminated in the birth of our own Santa Claus, baby Nicolas.

10.30 am, April 28, St Peter Chanel’s Feast

We drove to Westfield to buy and overload ourselves with Krispy Kreme donuts. I also wanted to go for a long stroll around the mall to push overdue baby down in my tummy.

2015-04-28 10.55.25

12 nn
We decided to leave the indoor playground to eat lunch.

12.15 pm
We realized my black bag was missing with my wallet, house key, glasses, pregnancy booklet and tons of prayer cards in it.


12.30 pm
We’ve informed the security about the loss. Started driving back home.

Overdue baby was heavily stirred. Actually, whisked is a better verb.

12.45 pm
Security called us to let us know that someone found the bag and gave it to the Customer Service Desk.

Nothing was lost. Grateful to that kind soul.


Time to celebrate at China Bar. Bought another dozen of Krispy Kreme. We ate it like peanuts.

2015-04-28 10.56.57

2 pm
Slight contractions started.

3 pm
We reached home and I started to organize the house, the kids.

Contractions became more pronounced.

I had a funny feeling my real labor was starting. I’ve had more false labor with this pregnancy than the number of our children.

4.30 pm
We had family bonding time while at bed.

Regular contractions stopped. Again.

6 pm
Had Roasted Pork Belly with steam veggies for dinner (ready ng bitayin). Contractions came back stronger and was more regular.

2014-08-04 18.49.50

8 pm
Called Hospital if we should go in. Was asked to take Panadol and wait and see for about an hour.

9 pm
Contractions persisted. Drove to the hospital. Put kids to bed and left them with Tatay.

I didn’t know whether I should be happy or miserable. I wanted to see the baby but I was dead scared of the delivery without anesthesia. Sure felt what St Thomas Moore felt.

11.30 pm
Assessed by midwife to be sent home. Labor was still on it’s early stages. Just 3 cm dilated. Baby was still too high in position.

12 mn, April 29, St Catherine’s Feast
Drove home. Contractions suddenly turned epic. Tried to sleep but pain was getting unbearable.

What’s going on here?

I was getting more worried that the baby might come out while in transit. Elmer was tensed beyond measure. Who wouldn’t?

1.30 am
Back in the delivery room. IV in. Straps, monitors in.

Gas mask ready. (But I didn’t even know how to use the new model.)

2.00 am

2.20 am
Pushed baby out on my own. I am so proud of this. No vacuum, no forceps, no anesthesia.

Please don’t try this if you can help it. Midwives in Victoria prefer that mothers who had CS and multiple births go to labor on their own.

Nicolas Yu, our sixth baby, was born healthy and enormous!

2015-04-30 16.01.16

Spent about two days in the hospital to sleep. Then I started to miss home. Opted for early hospital dismissal.

Every birth is unique as every soul is unrepeatable.

Every delivery is a daunting, solitary experience. Until you remember that God is in you. He takes away all the fear.

You are never really alone.