Interview with Mr Big

What do you want for your birthday Pio?
Fried Piggy (Barbecue)

2015-04-24 18.37.25

Pure Chocolate Cake

2015-04-25 18.03.27


2015-04-24 13.18.04

What is your birthday wish?
100 Legos!!!

Who do you want to invite?
My cousins and the Vacas (Catechism buddies)

We ended up celebrating his birthday for 2 days. His birthday is a day before Anzac Day. We had home made pizza, pasta, more barbecue and a second batch of That Chocolate Cake.

2015-04-24 19.23.19

At the end of the celebrations he came to me and gave me a heartwarming hug and a big thank you, typical of Mr Big.

Did you thank God for the many blessings He gave you?

But I only have one Mommy.

What do you mean you only have one, you have to count?

Yes Mommy, Fr Kaz only gave me one today after Mass. Sasha told him it was my birthday. Lolo didn’t bring me to Fr Kaz last year after my birthday Mass.