I’ve Fallen

We have this picturesque view from the girls’ bedroom window.

Can you see the golden, deciduous tree?

2015-05-05 17.16.58-1

Fall makes everything a bit dramatic. There are the ever changing hues of the trees, leaves falling out and blown by the wind. Nights become longer. Weather becomes colder. It’s a season with constant change.

I feel that it’s fall all over again in our life with the arrival of a new baby. Everything is changing. Days are upside down. Nights turn into many waking moments. Schedules are all over the place. Temper flares here and there. Well, at least mine.

But I know it’s all for the good. Been here 6x to finally acquire the wisdom which this period is teaching us.

It’s a good time to slow down. Ditch those self- imposed deadlines. Life is starting in the midst of us. It is beautiful. It needs nurturing.

Life is a gift and we have to embrace it.

Things will eventually fall into place. The dust will settle down.

All in God’s time.

Kiko will grow up like the rest of them, I am sure of that. I can see him playing hide and seek with his dad and siblings. I can see him reading a book with Sasha or cooking with Nina or strolling with Lolo. I can see him wrestling with Anton or building Lego with Pio or climbing trees with Luis.

Whatever it is, he is meant to make our lives more colorful, happier and God-filled.


Midnight note from the Captain after giving Kiko’s last feed

We’ve fallen in love with Kiko.