A Happy Mother’s Day

I love Mothers’ Day.

I wish it’s Mothers’ Day every Sunday.

Ours went like this:

It started with a presentation.
Our family presented Kiko to the parish community during Mass in preparation for his forthcoming Baptism.

Then a visitation.
The Thomas dropped by to bring food, clothes and loving warmth. They are a young family with 4 kids, their eldest is 5 yo. I have so much to learn from their generosity and openness to life.

2015-05-10 14.09.20

Feeding the hungry and the fussy. Lunch.

Followed by what I wished for. Rest.
I had a long nap with Kiko. I love sleeping. The Captain brought some of the kids and Tatay to IKEA. Sasha stayed. She helped clean up the mess left behind. She put Anton to sleep and took care of him so I can rest.

(I always thought she’s a bit mature for a 7 year old. Don’t you think so?)

2015-05-11 12.14.08

Gift giving.
Sasha gave me a handmade card.

2015-05-11 10.52.36

Pio  gave me a green cup, Luis got me a pink throw pillow, the Captain gave me a cake stand while Nina got me a cake cutter.

2015-05-10 17.57.38

Another visitation.
The D’Cunhas dropped by close to dinner to check how we are doing and to offer help.

Most people say I am a busy mom. I like it when they say that.

I think it’s great to be busy having and raising happy kids.

Your life will be full of mysteries.

Happy Mothers Day!

With love.