A Planet with 3 Stars

I chose Astronomy for our Science subject this term. It’s unbelievable how much free information are out there. Recently a 15-year old intern discovered another planet. Still unnamed.  I told the kids about this and I told them other planets were also discovered revolving around more than one star.

All of a sudden, Pio made a mini book. Forgive the handwriting…we are working on that.

2015-06-18 14.11.33

The new planet

2015-06-18 14.11.45

This planet is like Jupiter but travels faster. Who discovered this planet, a 15-year old boy discovered it.

2015-06-18 14.11.56

This planet goes around 3 suns.

2015-06-18 14.12.03

The Yu family does not know what to call it. Name?

2015-06-18 14.12.16

discovered in 12/6/2015

I was blown away. He can write!

Grammar and spelling are almost 100%. Facts are in line with what I told him.

This is not the first time he mesmerized me. Wait till I tell you about his lego creations or the jobs he does for me.

Am I a proud Mama or what?


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