Girls are from Saturn, Boys are from Jupiter

While we are still on the subject of handwriting, I have to tell you that I found a stark contrast between my girl, Sasha, and boy, Pio.

2015-06-24 09.56.06

Sasha 8, Pio 7

I have seen Sasha’s handwriting evolve into one which is as dainty as her artworks.

2015-06-23 17.12.55

Sasha’s portrait of a lady

It took her a bit of time but she was always focused and determined in honing any of her crafts. She can sit for hours.

2015-06-24 18.13.48

Her journal

Pio on the other hand will only write well as long as he remembers your last reprimand. In short, his handwriting largely depends on how fast he can finish it so he can go for a break.

2015-06-24 15.45.40

Pio’s best

To do what?
To make paper planes and fly them.
To make what he saw Mr Maker made in his last show.
To bike, jump at the trampoline, play with the rest of the boys.

To write a mini book.

His concentration with respect to structured school work is next to miniscule.

I can see early on an interesting aspect of their learning styles.

I, as their teacher, should learn to adapt and take advantage of these distinct behaviors.

I am seeing the same trend with the next Star Circle batch, Luis and Nina.

They are worlds apart.

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