About a Wedding

Last weekend was my sister in law’s (Sharon) wedding at Sydney.

I would have loved to attend it with the Captain plus all of the kids and end up looking like this upon landing…


As if! Dream on Rea.

Instead, 3 kids and the Captain went. That was all we can manage at this period in time.

We’ve done our dress rehearsal here.

2015-06-20 19.25.35 2015-06-20 19.26.05 2015-06-20 19.39.51

My bestfriend, Tanya, was there. I’ve entrusted my kids to her and her husband, Jojo.

The kids went home with a box of loot from Tita Tanya.

That’s my ever generous best friend. 

Tanya said everything was beautiful.

I asked the kids what they liked most about the wedding. Here are their answers:

Pio: I love the chocolate bars and the $50 give away.

(I found 5 packs of chocolate bars kept in his coat)

Nina: I love Tita Sharon’s long wedding dress. She looked like Elsa.

Sasha: I love receiving Holy Communion again.

(I’ve always thought Sasha has a delicate soul.)

Here’s the only photo I got of the lovely newly weds.

They looked so radiant together.

image-38ba1937dd5a18364a461d2260ff23ab5858251407f0434aeb86394d24ffa61d-V (1)

God bless them.

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