Gray Day

Yesterday was one of the grayest and coldest days of the year. There was a winter blast coming from Antartica. Sounds like the movie Frozen but it’s happening here.

2015-07-12 15.47.36

I felt like sleeping the whole day. Then I remembered I had six kids who were all awake and not the least dampened by the gloomy weather.

I ended up reading a really good book about teaching kids how to be social in a screen driven world. I am so glad I turned off that TV a long time ago. I’m reaping the benefits now.

2015-07-12 17.01.25

We ended the day with prawn barbecue for dinner.

More of this gray weather this week.

Hang on. We are halfway through winter.


2 thoughts on “Gray Day

    • It used to turn me blue Trisha. I’m handling it better after 4 winters. It is starting to be more exciting now than dreadful. I learned that it is just a matter of time. My body, my life and my family adjusted to the uniqueness of each season. Spring will never be so divine without winter.

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