How to Spend a Saturday

First you wake up and pray for a sunny weather despite an overcast forecast.

Have a sunny side up egg with butter and toast for breakfast made by the Captain.

Rush to church with all 6 kids.

Spend a good time after Mass chatting with your  friends while the children mix up and play with each other.

Get some Krispy Kreme donuts for extra sugar.

Visit the nearby op shop for  second hand books.

Then drive to Pane di Fiore Patisserie for pies, bread and coffee.

Have an impromptu picnic at Lysterfield Park because God answered your prayer. The sun persisted against all odds.

Then let the children be and do whatever they like. They need their space.

2015-09-19 13.43.19

Enjoy the beauty which surrounded you. Take it all in.

2015-09-19 13.37.31

Be grateful for this wonderful time you spent with your family. There is no greater joy than loving and being together.

2015-09-19 13.22.32

Allow God to sweeten your soul.


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