Bite the Bullet

I never thought swaddling a baby will ever become an issue.

But it did with Kiko.

I tried to swaddle him for as long as I can to protect him from the chilly winter nights. And of course he slept longer if not better with it.

2015-06-23 14.08.47

Fully swaddled

Until he started to become uncomfortable and tried to untangle himself in such a tight situation.

He woke up with one arm out or both arms out. He did this sort of thing for about every hour at night. I tried swaddling him back completely only to be awakened up by a loud cry due to one arm swinging relentlessly in the air.

He can’t sleep with it. He can’t sleep without it.

Major headache for me.

So one evening, I finally decided to unswaddle my bundle of joy completely. Bite the bullet. You might think this was easy, certainly not for me. I never heard him wailed as desperately loud. It took about two hours of crying agony for him and for me.

2015-09-22 10.39.40


But that set us both free. Sleep has come back. He is finally swaddle free.

Mom and bub are happy again.

2015-09-19 13.21.29

Kiko doesn’t look happy here though?

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