Pause and Pray


I didn’t start quite right that day. I woke up late.

Every kid was hyped up. The mess was at its max.

I couldn’t sit down with them for a class because the baby simply refused to sleep.

My life as you know it.

I was about to blow my top when I realized that all the kids, well except the baby of course, were at the pergola and I was inside the house. The only thing separating our worlds is a click of a lock.

And I happily clicked it.

I told them I just wanted to pray and have some quiet time.

2015-10-08 10.54.02

Strategic view of the kid’s from the kitchen window

Amidst my bickering children, I managed to settle and put the baby to sleep.

2015-10-07 15.10.30

Kiko, he takes my blues away.

Amidst every attempt of my children to get in, I managed to sit down for a few minutes to say my morning prayer and drink a cuppa.

Peace has come back.

I released the door. My babycinos seemed to be quieter and calmer. They seemed to be nicer too.

Or maybe, it was me.

Pause and pray.


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