Just Between Us

Dear God,

Today, I am specially proud of myself.

I kept my cool.

I was able to keep from blowing my top off after I lost one son then another son and another son in succession in a Kids’ Day at a park filled with gazillion of mothers and young children. Thank you, Kiko is still a baby!

I almost felt like my brain wanted to shatter apart. Thrice. Or maybe it’s not even there anymore.

2015-10-22 19.16.52

I bent.

Finally remembered to do that and I’ve always wanted to do that to be at their level.

I bent to give Anton a kiss and hug after his afternoon nap.

2015-08-14 13.16.55

I listened.

Amidst a crying, hungry baby and a dinner to be rushed, I took a few minutes of my time to listen and watch Luis as he explain to me how his Lego creation works. I listened to him like he was the only person in the room with me and I wasn’t pressed for time. His eyes glistened with delight.

2015-09-26 13.44.50

I bathed all 6 kids.

It’s a dream come true.

I’ve been wanting to give all of them a general clean up for the longest time. Finally, I gave them more importance than a screaming pile of dishes or that ever dirty floor.

The boys were tickled to be scrubbed. The girls loved to have their scalp and hair massaged.

It felt good. They really looked and felt clean.

2015-09-26 13.51.52

I rarely feel this proud about myself as I go through my day.

You must be working extra hard on me.


3 thoughts on “Just Between Us

  1. everytime Im needing to find ‘motherhood’ inspiration, i switched to finding your blogsite again and i get a dose of needed lifting too myself from your own experiences so really, thank you for sharing your thoughts in your blog… i only have one daughter who is a threenager now haha and a few times experienced almost losing my mind too on her metldowns which thankfully werent that many to count yet..haha..but im loving motherhood as much as you do too…. one of these days, if i get to visit melbourne, it would be nice to meet you in person and just give each other ‘Mama high-fives’ haha


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