Saturday @ Home

For a change, I stayed at home the whole Saturday.

Really? Me!!!

Normally, I’m itching to get out of the house on a weekend.

Last Saturday was a bit different.

Kiko was sick and I was not in any playful mood to leave him. I can’t afford another hospital stay just like what happened to Anton when he was six months old.

Instead of going with the Captain to do our weekly tour of duty (i.e. drop some kids in Chinese class, drop some kids in Catechism class, buy groceries, date, etc), I decided to stay.

I’m happy I did.

2015-11-05 17.07.08-1

I was able to pray without any distraction.

I was able to call and speak with my younger sister, Ann, and update her about my babyccinos’ shenanigans.

I was able to read a few pages of the Simplicity Parenting book. I can’t get enough of it though.

I enjoyed quietly sipping my coffee and eating the revel bar which the boys baked with me. Oh, these chockies taste even better days after its baked.

2015-11-05 18.28.32

I refused to clean the house while everyone was out.

I didn’t cook or bake either.

I forgot that I was a melancholic for a moment.

I chose to rest.

I felt good.


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