Forgetful Toothfairy

Somehow, my babyccinos managed to corner me into admitting that I am the Toothfairy.


It gave me a sense of relief too because keeping things from them and making my statements consistent were a bit hard.

So Pio’s tooth fell out over the weekend. He reminded me that he was keeping it under his pillow. That meant I have to get it and put a sweet in exchange.

That went on for about two night. Beats me why I always forget that important detail in my young boy’s life.

Anyway, last night when I was about to check them before I slept I saw this sign on the boys’ door.

2015-11-23 22.07.23

It was providential because I completely forgot about the tooth.

Much to my surprise (rather I should have seen that coming), digging that one small tooth under his pillow filled with papers, books, pens and Lego proved to be a hard exercise.

Finally found it.

2015-11-23 22.09.16

Thank God. Gave him a Twix for a gift.

Pio was over the moon when he woke up. He is my chocky boy.


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