Not So Ordinary Day

Today was ordinary, just like most days. We started homeschooling and we were back to our usual busy schedule and routine.

I’ve seen a mile of improvement in Nina in terms of her reading and Math skills. Luis remained to be unsettled. Sasha was always ready to learn while Pio was still reluctant to keep his Lego away and start writing his journal.

We had lunch around 1 pm. I put the baby and Anton to sleep. Then I read a book to them. By 3 pm, I was already too exhausted to even function. Just like most days. Thank God for quiet time, I was able to rest for an hour to pray, nap and read.

We had burgers for (alfresco) dinner and a start of school party. Well, as you well know, we always have a party down here.

I was waiting looking forward to 9 pm when all the kids are asleep.

I was tired. I was longing for silence.

Then I started to think of the moments of my day which made me smile.

It revived my joy.

The days are really long. But at the end of it, I will spare a moment to remember and cherish the many, beautiful memories of the day.

Such are the unquantifiable rewards of parenting.

They keep me going….

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