Let’s Do It Again

I know.

It’s not even Christmas and yet we are starting the next school year. I like to start early. It gives me some bandwidth for whatever contingencies. Besides, there is nothing better to do after almost a month long break. If we extend the break longer, I’m afraid my babyccinos will start revolting once we revert to school mode.

We kicked off the school year with a barbecue dinner. They all received their recognition certificates for working hard the past school year. Every one was excited not the least was our Class Clown, Anton.

Our Class Leadership Award went to Sasha. I think she’ll be an excellent humanitarian lawyer someday. Future Inventor / Scientist Award went to Pio. He has been showing me awesome rocket and space ship designs. Luis got the World’s Best Engineer. He is my Steve Job’s in the making. Nina received the Junior MasterChef Award.

I can’t tell you how happy they were. So easy to please

Home school is cool.



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