Romancing the Ordinary

I don’t know how I can thank my father enough for everything he’s been doing for us.

Like last Saturday morning. I asked if I can leave 6 kids (all under 8!!!) with him so the Captain and I can go on a date.

He said YES without batting any eye.

So we went. Mass first then brunch @ Little by Little Cafe.


I don’t know why we have to leave the house because we always end up talking and laughing about the babyccinos anyway.

At least there wasn’t anyone screaming or fighting to get some attention. No mess to bother me too. A break from the usual.

Maybe that’s why we were there. We needed to be just by ourselves so we can appreciate our lives in a more relaxed space. So we can find humor in our everyday chaotic life.

Sometimes, you need to get out of the race to renew the joy in running.

It helped us appreciate each other more. That we are and will always be in all these together. Besides, dating always reminds me of our engagement period, the sweetest time of our lives.

Did I mention the food and coffee were great too?

My Captain was gorgeous, always has been.

Can’t help it.



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