No Rain

Heat wave is on. For about a week now. It peaked last Saturday at 42C. The air was so dry and warm.

We have been waiting, praying for a cool change.

Our garden was desperately drying up. Our kids found it hard to sleep or engage in outdoor activities. The heat is taking away my joie de vivre.

But our hearts go to families devastated by bushfires across the state. What our family has to endure was so minor.

Suddenly, at 3pm Sunday, rain started to drop. It wasn’t as rampaging as the bushfires but enough to give us back our cool, to sweeten what has been a rough week.

Luis exclaimed “Thanks be to God!” when the rain persisted.

It encapsulated everything I felt at that moment.

2015-12-20 14.57.05.jpg

First sign of rain from our front window…


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