Life Happens

I so wanted to keep a regular journal but as Adele said “Life happens”.

So many things noteworthy to mention were kept in my heart. Those are probably best there.

And for those ought to be shared, you will read them here.

The Christmas break was too short. Always.

2016-01-05 16.52.04

The Captain was home for close to 2 weeks.

We had families and friends coming over. It felt like we were part of a community for the first time since we moved to Australia.

2016-01-05 16.51.56

We are not isolated anymore in that house in the middle of the street. Thanks to the providential move to the Hills. Thanks to Harkaway Hills College where two of our babyccinos will start school this year.

Two of the kids were hit with gastro flu during the holidays. Other than that, everything  was joyful.

2016-01-05 16.52.13

More stories to come…


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