How Did You Start the New Year?

I started mine with a date.
You can never go wrong with that.

We long for that silence and solitude once in a while.

Actually strike that out.

We long for it most of the time.

The perfect way for me to unwind is to go to a cafe. Sip that coffee and enjoy quiet talks with my one and only.

2016-01-02 10.39.29

If only we can do this every day. That will be almost heavenly.

2016-01-02 10.39.00

Providore is one of my favourites.

That darling, unassuming shop tucked in at Eden Rise. It’s easy to miss it.

2016-01-02 10.38.55

The owner is a young, vibrant, chic lady. I kept on telling the Captain that I always dream of having my own cafe someday.


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