There are some really hard days like last Sunday.

My fridge broke down. I never really appreciated it.

Until my light thickened creams instantly turned sour.

I purchased new creams to make chocolate pots with my insisting Nina, who was such in a grumpy state due to lack of sleep. Tough luck.

2016-01-13 14.54.17

Only to find out that I forgot to secure the rotor at the bottom of the blender.

And guess what, our chocolate pots flooded down the drain.

So much long faces.

So much effort for nothing.

So much left to clean.

To top it all off, my boys woke up the baby at night when I was at the borderline of madness.

Sufficed to say, I turned into an unrecognizable momster by day end.

My babyccinos slept sad.

Oh dear Lord. 

I contemplated. I apologized. I resolved to begin again.

The next day, I asked for the grace to be more cheerful and affectionate despite the blazing summer heat.

I relaxed.

I bought baby foods for Kiko and just made scrambled eggs for dinner. A friend, heaven sent, invited us over their house.

I was relieved. Soothed.

Such is my life. My wonderful life as a mother. It is a never ending beginning.

I want more of this..

2015-12-21 15.00.04


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