Irresistable Homemade Bread

So I told the babyccinos that we will bake bread after our classes.

They started to shriek out of joy.

The funny thing is, I feel the same way.

I adore baking bread. It still excites me whenever we successfully activate the yeast. And when all the ingredients are in one bowl, there is always a fight on who gets to knead. Kneading is relaxing.

I find leaving the dough outside our house covered with a damp towel is best to make it rise faster. It definitely helps that its summer.

They can’t stop checking how high their dough has risen.

There were giggles with every peak.

We decided to make soft bread and cinnamon rolls.

2016-02-11 18.55.42


I had it for breakfast today. I have to tell you that eating home made bread transported me to a good place.

I have to stop thinking about food. But then again, it brings me places.


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