Springvale in Summer

I have forgotten how much I enjoy being in Springvale until that Saturday morning when the Captain dropped me there to have some time off.

There is nothing sophisticated nor flashy about the place. But if you want real value for your money and a great place to forget about the time you should try it.

First thing I did was go for a spa pedicure.

2016-02-13 11.00.59.jpg

I tried a newly opened shop. Too new, it doesn’t have a name yet.

I paid $20 for the spa pedicure, foot and back massage. That is unbeatable in Melbourne.

I had roast pork bun from the Golden Lake Shop. It sells all sorts of treats. Must try.

2016-02-13 12.23.50.jpg
2016-02-13 12.07.23.jpg

I bought my large cappuccino from the Thu Thu Cafe for $3.50. Vietnamese blend. I always buy my coffee there.

2016-02-13 12.17.16.jpg

Then, I went shopping for veggies and Asian condiments.

I had the 8 colour cup  (halo halo in the Philippines) from Dessert First. Reminded me of the time when the Captain and I sneaked out of our house to have a date here  in the middle of winter about two years ago.

2016-02-13 12.56.29

Good times.


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