All Rise Up for Harkaway Hills College

The first PARED (Parents for Education) school finally opened in Victoria this year. We are proud to be a part of it.

2016-02-12 11.09.12-6

It’s officially named Harkaway Hills College.

2016-02-20 13.05.35

There are 13 students of a combined class of Prep and Year 1.

Luis and Nina are among the first students of the school. I had separation anxiety from withdrawing them from homeschooling. I was so used to having them with me all year and all day long.

But when I saw their beaming, excited, happy faces, I knew it was well worth giving up homeschooling for.


I am certain the school will help me to strengthen my children’s interior lives. The faculty live their Catholic faith to a heroic degree. I am very impressed. Character formation is the core focus.

Frank Monagle, the principal, will be the kids’ tutor, math instructor, lunch buddy.

No less.

Having said all these, I was still at a loss on the first day when my Luis and Nina were out of our house. I decided to cancel our class.

Time for a cuppa with my babyccinos @ Little by Little Cafe.

2016-02-03 11.22.48

This is my way of celebrating. For what? We have four kids now in primary. Two in homeschool, two in the only school I am willing to give up homeschooling for.

All kids are happy. Me too.

Harkaway Hills is now accepting registration for incoming Preps 2017. PM me.


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