Note Worthy

A good friend gave us a piano.
If it didn’t look good, I would have said no.

But it complements our living room furniture. So I happily accepted it.

The children were ecstatic over this new toy.

Until one avid child starting playing Silent Night out of nowhere. He then played Happy Birthday and many other familiar tunes.

I can’t believe my eyes or my ears. Totally awestruck.

My unsettled Luis finally found his thing. I refused to give him gadgets or tv or any screens because it takes him away from his social circle.

But the piano is a welcome relief. Who would have thought.

He has an acute sense of hearing though and strong concentration skills on matters which interest him which I found to be few.

Now we have enrolled him to formal piano classes. He finished 3 lessons in 30 minutes.

2016-02-20 09.43.39

I felt rewarded while I watched him learn and play.

He said he had fun. I knew. He was swinging his legs while playing


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