Cafe-Style Cinnamon Rolls

I made this rolls as an enhancement from the simple white bread I have always been using.

It was mostly trial and error until we got the fluffiness I wanted in these rolls.

Basically follow this soft white bread recipe.

Enlist everyone’s help.

2016-02-21 15.41.07

2016-02-21 15.40.53

Then cut the risen dough to 4 parts.

Spread each part thinly. As thin and as rectangular shape as possible. It doesn’t matter if the shape is not perfect.

If the dough becomes stubbornly hard to press for little hands, kindly ask a muscular dad to help in rolling. Rolls came out better this way.

2016-02-21 18.11.41

Then spread about 2 tablespoons melted butter on top of the flattened dough. Sprinkle as much ground cinnamon as you like. Then spread about 5 tablespoons of white sugar, plus or minus depending on how sweet you want it to be.

Roll it into a cylinders. Then ask your little helpers to cut it and place it into your baking pans or whatever you have which can go into the oven.

Place them with breathing space from each other. This will allow the dough to expand and rise some more.

2016-02-21 18.29.43

Now cover this with cling wrap. Make sure no air can come in. For some reason which I forgot.

Leave it to do its thing overnight. Have sweet dreams.

Then first thing in the morning, preheat oven to 200 C for 10 minutes. Put in these gorgeous rolls into the oven. Keep it at 200 C for 10 minutes then lower it to 180 C for another 20 minutes.

I usually spread some more butter on top because it’s creamier that way. Then I sprinkle about a tablespoon of icing sugar to make it look as good as it taste.

2016-02-22 18.00.56

Melts in your mouth.

It doesn’t last long in our house.


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