How to Make An Artist

Most of the things which my children are capable of doing escape my understanding now.

Like how Sasha can paint without formal lessons.

How Pio can read my face and suddenly ask me “How can I help you Mommy?” when I’m really worn out.

Or how Luis learned how to play the piano on his own. Or how he can figure out whatever password we use to lock our gadgets.

How can Nina peel and cut carrots and potatoes out of nowhere.

Of course, Anton never fail to make us all laugh.

These are just few of the amazing things I see day in day out while staying at home and raising my own.

Anyway, back to Sasha the artist.

Let it be clear that I have no artistic bone in me. I simply provided her with materials and I asked her first to copy or draw what she sees around us, in nature.

I often brought them to parks, lakes, art galleries, mountain sides, cathedrals, wherever to expose them to beautiful places.

She takes it all in.

2016-02-23 11.53.31.jpg

I always encourage her artistic side. She paints from the heart. I’m happy because she’s enjoying it. She can paint and draw for days.

I gave her Artistic Pursuits books and she teaches herself how to make wonders out of what is instructed there.

Now she paints whatever she fancies.

How about Taj Mahal?

2016-02-23 12.02.28

It’s mind blowing.

She always leaves me mesmerized.

2016-02-23 12.02.13

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