Can’t Stand Mondays

I can’t stand Monday mornings.
It is the hardest part of my week. I don’t like hurrying up again to ready the Harkies (my kids who go to Harkaway Hills School) for school. I don’t like waking up on the dot. I don’t like starting week days.

Sounds like a rebel without a cause.

I wish everyday is a weekend.

Weekends are always exciting. Every weekend has a life of it’s own. Plus, the Captain is around. I think that’s the best part of it.

To start off the week without too much drag, I brought the Hills (my homeschooled kids) for babyccinos and pancakes at the Primary at Pioneer’s Park. I just needed to get over a great weekend hangover.

I found myself enthused again. I read to them the Story of the World by Susan Wise Bauer. Then they continued playing at Pioneer’s Park to their hearts’ content while I happily gaze at my babies. So big now!

Before I knew it, Monday morning passed just like a blink. I made it.


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