Irish Twins Turned 8

There are about 3 weeks in a year wherein our eldest is about the same age as no 2. Sasha and Pio were born 11 months apart. I am both homeschooling them. They are inseparable. Their temperaments complement each other too.

One is a leader, the other is a follower. One is determined, the other is laid back. One is focused, the other plays it by the ear.


Pio just turned 8 last Sunday. Sasha is yet to turn 9 this May.

I look at him and I am filled with awe. Eight years happened just like a blink.


From a Tasmanian devilish-like toddler who made you pay for all your sins to the most obliging son.

See what time and grace can do.

He fills us with pride and joy.

Here’s my dashing debonair, with the girls in his life, while baking his Peanut Butter Cupcake.

(Nina, cousin Clare and his one and only Sasha)

20160424_094048 (1)

Happy birthday Yopi!



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