First Daughter Turns 9

I can’t believe my baby, our first born is turning 9 today.
I used to cry out of desperation and had countless sleepless nights trying to figure out how to nurse a new baby. I was totally unqualified. But now…
I was looking at her while she participated as an altar servant in the morning Mass with Pio. I can’t stop thanking God. For this beautiful soul, for making me a mother, for 9 years of sacrifices which were all worth it. Experience is a healer.
I am a proud, contented and happy mother. I find Sasha wiser beyond her age. She is trustworthy and self motivated. It must be the grace of being the eldest of (soon to be) 7 kids.
Whatever it is, I can feel God’s hand in it.
Here are some of the snaps of her birthday celebration:

The girls baked the birthday cake, biked and ran around the athletics oval and had some nice afternoon tea.

Laughter was everywhere…

Nothing like having friends around.


Happy birthday Sasha. You are such a sweetheart.

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