Beyond Winter

Winter and I don’t get along well.
I’ve lived 35 years of my life without it.
Although it doesn’t snow in Melbourne, temperature can reach close to zero C.
There are days when its just rainy, cold and gloomy. I mean days in a row!
Then it will repeat the following week.
What am I to do?
I don’t want to sulk in depression during this time of the year.
I might have to face it every year until I die.
While I am finding it hard to embrace it, I am coming up with ways to survive the winter blues.
1. I will still go out for walks regardless of the number of layers I need to wear.
My Saturday Walk With Nina…
2. I will try new cake, bread, pastry recipes.
2015-11-08 18.13.47
3. I will cook different kinds of soup to keep us warm.
4. Doesn’t hurt to drink coffee with my babyccinos.
5. I will keep on writing.
6. I will read more books.
I am currently reading Diane Levy’s Of Course I Love You, Now Go to Your Room.
What’s yours?
7. We will keep on inviting friends and family over.
8. I will experiment with dinner.
My own take on Spicy Prawn with Fresh Tomatoes, Coriander and Linguine.
9. We will GO OUT and discover new places even if its sub 10 degrees C outside.
@Fitzroy Garden
20160619_133905 (1)
10. I will work on my Parenting Strategies.


You can’t put me down.


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