I Let My Kids Work

We are at a stage where the first three older children  ( ages 9, 8 and 7) can do most of the housework (dishes, looking after the smallies, clearing up the table, sweeping the floor, folding clothes, etc). Cooking is still my domain but they can help in preparing, peeling and cutting the veggies. They can make simple breakfast though like porridge, pancakes and scrambled eggs.
I have no problem with them doing their jobs.
What I found frustrating is reminding them to do it. Once told, they oblige.
Well at least some, without complaints.
The tiring part is I have to enumerate everything they have to do, every single time.
It was exhausting.
Until I found myself free of children one Saturday morning. I decided to put their jobs into paper. I specified what they needed to do at different parts of the day and different parts of the week. I tried to make it as colorful as possible.
Here’s what ensued as they trickled in one by one into the house from their classes.
Everyone was instantly drawn into the “Jobs Wall”.
Pio (8 years old): (Took one good look) Mommy what pen did you use in making this?
Sasha (9-year old): I like it. I have new jobs!!!
Nina (5-year old): Can you read my jobs to me Sasha?
Luis (7-year old): I hate this! I wished you didn’t do this Mommy!
Sasha: Look Anton, you also have jobs now.
Anton (3-year old): NOOOOOOOOO!!!
Suffice to say, I don’t have to sound like a broken record anymore. They just need to refer to the Jobs Wall.
I am regaining my evenings back.

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