Pretty Nina Meets (Puffing) Billy

It never appealed to me to ride a slow, loud, steam-engine train.
My idea of fun is going for a scenic, long drive or a quiet morning in the library or eating at one of Melbourne’s cafe.
It will take a lot to change my ideas.
I mean ALOT!
Until Nina asked for a Puffing Billy ride for her 6th birthday.
We have to pay over $100 for a family fare! What’s so fun about noisy, outdated trains?
Nina managed the cost part by calling her Tita Ann to foot the bill. And you know my sister can’t say NO to her nieces and nephews.
I can’t say NO to her either because it’s her birthday wish.
Off we went with their cousin, Clare.
I brought 2 books to read in case I get bored.
I must say, I was swept away with the ride.
I forgot time, food and my books. I just wanted the ride to stretch as long as possible.
Everything I saw was idyllic. Life in the country. Peaceful farmlands. Roaring hills. Skyrocketing trees. Vintage houses.
My utterly delighted children.
It was pure bliss!
I wanted to go back. Next time just with the Captain. On a date.
I thought it was awfully romantic.

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