Bread and Jam for Me

I’m in the last few weeks of pregnancy.
Funny how this pregnancy just passed so quickly. Before I knew it, I’m about to give birth.
I have no idea why I wanted to accomplish so many things before delivery. I want to finish homeschooling for the year, I want to paint our bedroom set white, I want to organize the kids’ clothes, I want to clean the study, I want to declutter the workshop…
I’m going berserk. I needed a break.
I’ve requested the Captain to go on a date with me.
Where?  Hawthorn. We haven’t been there for a while. So off we went.
We had lunch at Vietstar which I think is the best value for money Vietnamese restaurant this side of town.  Then we had dessert at Bread and Jam for Frances, one of my personal favorites.
Brings back great memories.
I finally relaxed.
With my ever elusive date…
We stopped by the Immaculate Conception Church to complete our pilgrimage.
October will not be complete without a special tribute to Our Lady.

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