A Perfect Sunday Afternoon

We just finished Sunday lunch of Tony’s Chicken Tenders with Potato Salad and frozen lemon tea. We topped everything off with ice cream. It made the kids scream out of joy.

We were enjoying a perfect spring weather. Tatay was Facebooking. The Captain was having his siesta while I’m massaging his head at the pergola.  I was enjoying looking at my babyccinos. Everyone was into something they like. Pio has his Lego, Luis has his gadgets, Anton was gardening, Kiko was taking his nap. The girls were giggling in the hammock.
You just want to freeze this moment. If possible, for life.
So I wished.
Not more than 30 minutes into this heavenly bliss, Nina came to me crying, screaming and bleeding. She fell off the hammock and cut her chin. She was inconsolable.
We rushed her to the (Emergency) hospital as advised by my (doctor) sister in law.
The one at Casey was so packed, I think her cut would have healed on its own even before we’d be served. So we went to Angliss Hospital at Upper Ferntree Gully as suggested by a family friend. We were treated quickly and decently. Now we know where to go next time.
Our life is mostly like this. You can’t sit down for a long time. The adventures never end.
I want to have more of those frozen lemon tea please.

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