Utter Mess

Everything was wrong yesterday.
I didn’t get enough sleep because Kiko had diarrhea and horrible rashes.
The Hills (my homeschoolers) were asking for too many things.
The Harkies (my kids who go to Harkaway Hills College) were not following their schedule.
Anton was too noisy, he woke up Kiko.
I missed my afternoon nap.
My back hip was extremely sore. I couldn’t even stand up.
The Captain found me hostile. Grrrrr….
I was cranky, moody, miserable and impossible.
I wanted to evaporate completely.
Then I realized that I missed Mass that day. I never got to be with and touch Christ. I never got to mark my day as His. I missed that irreplaceable consolation, those infinite graces which give me so much peace and strength throughout the day.
I did it differently today.
I didn’t miss Mass and spent a good time of prayer before the Blessed Sacrament.
It was transforming.
I felt understood.
Christ, and not myself, became the center of my day.
I was serene. I was joyful.
Thanks be to God.

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