Stunning Olinda

I can’t get enough of the Dandenong Ranges. There are so many hidden gems. I’m sure we are just scratching the surface of it.
We didn’t have a plan when we drove  there. All we were screaming for was a drive to anywhere.
The kids wanted something sweet after lunch so we headed to Gino’s Churros Place at Belgrave. This is an amazing place to have churros. The servings are heaps!
I wanted great tasting coffee so we stopped by Evolve Cafe to get Proud Mary’s coffee. It lifted my spirit.
Sasha wanted to see some mountains while the rest wanted to play.
A good friend recommended Olinda. Off we went.
First stop: RJ Hamer Forest Arboretum.
All I can say is: Oh my God!!!
This is as good as it gets.
The mountain ranges draw you in. You wouldn’t want to leave. The children rock climbed the gigantic stone monument, played tag of war with the Captain, ran all over the place.
This idyllic spot reminded me of the scenes from Lord of the Rings.
There’s a barbecue area and a bush trail walk. So we now what we’ll do next time.
Before heading home we stopped by Pirianda Garden. It was closed to 5pm so we had the garden to ourselves. We picked some wild flowers and brought it home.
Now all I can think about is just one thing. Going back to Olinda. Such a stunner.

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