Mork Specialty Chocolate

I was never a big fan of hot chocolate.
Coffee, a resounding yes.
I’ve had enough awful experiences from drinking coffee while nursing newborns. So I’ve decided to totally abstain from it. For the time being or until my will power yields in.
So when Tatay gave us a treat at Little by Little Cafe, I decided to try the Mork Hot Chocolate. It was served with sea salt, blossom sugar (whatever that is but it tasted nice) and the cafe’s own made marshmallow. All these for $6.50.
I almost forgot it was hot chocolate I was drinking. I probably drank enough low quality chocolate drinks to distinguish that this one as superb. It tasted like coffee but had a sublime dark chocolate twist in it. I even liked it better than the 5-senses coffee brand served at the same cafe.
I love that it didn’t taste so sweet and doesn’t have coffee’s bitter after taste.
I have to go and visit Mork’s shop in Melbourne when José’s a bit bigger.
I’m so looking forward to that.

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