Old Wood Cabinet, New Vintage Look

I have wasted many hours and visits to op shops and gumtree looking for a cabinet to keep my homeschoolers’ humongous bags.
It’s not just any cabinet. It has to be the right size so it fits into that broken space in our living room.
I know it will take a stroke from God to get what I envisioned. But it’s free to dream.
While driving home from a date with the Captain and newborn Jose, the Captain saw this old, wood cabinet ready to be picked up for disposal along the road to our house. We had to make a u-turn to check if it was something I like.
Of course, I liked it. I loved its vintage keyhole and key.
Brought it home. Took awhile to get the chalk paints that I wanted to use. You know how it’s like with 7 kids? You have to get used to waiting. But I’m not complaining.
Tatay painted  it with duck egg then grey chateau as second layer. I distressed then waxed it.
Now, I’ve achieved the calming green color which I imagined it to be.
Best of all, it fits perfectly into its space in the house.
I knew God has something to do with this.

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