Why I Love Staycations

Who wouldn’t want to travel around the world?
I want. Certainly.
But I don’t feel bad not going. Really.
I feel relief.
For one, its way out of our budget. Another big hindrance is traveling with young kids who never stopped asking how many more minutes until we reach our destination.
They of course have to fight, cry, scream along the way to  express their boredom or protest.
We live in a democracy.
Packing all our clothes is still inconceivable to me at this point. Its too stressful just to think about it.
So how do I expose my kids to cultures, people and places?
We have to be content with books, stories and pictures. Did I tell you that the libraries here are superb? So far, no one is complaining about us not leaving home for holidays while everyone else in our extended family is doing it.
I don’t think we are losing out or my kids are any less just because we can’t travel. There are more less fortunate families and we need to always keep them in mind and in our prayers.
Besides, we always have each other to enjoy and we don’t have to travel 8 hours by car or plane to experience something new. Holidays are always in our finger tips. We don’t have to wait until the term ends or the year end bonus.
We can have short trips every week or so. Too frequent?
That’s how long I can take before my mind crosses the line to insanity.
I need breathers. My kids seem to be having a ball with me too.
Victoria is too big and too pretty to be bored with. There is always something new and the cafe culture suits my taste perfectly.
Best of all, we come home rejuvenated and nourished. I don’t have to worry about sleeping adjustments or unpacking luggages.
Until next weekend….Enjoy!

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