Mornington Peninsula: Where It All Began

We went here during our first entry to Australia in December 2009. Back then I thought the weather in Melbourne was so weird. (My thoughts about the weather hasn’t changed much.) The day’s temperature peaked at 40C while it plummeted to 11 C at night. What a nightmare. Luis (9 month old then) broke down with asthma and we didn’t really enjoy not having our yayas around. I was pregnant with Nina and our 3 kids (2.5 yo, 1.5 yo and 9 months) were not just settling down to give us rest.
In short, we had an unpleasant trip.
Bad trip.
Now 7 years later, the Captain and I were having the time of our lives watching the kids play.
Luis kept on venturing into deep water with his strong lungs.
We have perfect moments like this. Many. Too much. I have to remind myself never to lose track, not to get used to it.
The ocean is still and picturesque. The kids were in their element. The Captain was relaxed. I was grateful to be in Melbourne.
All these validated my decision to take care of my kids and to stay at home.
It’s a hard life but absolutely worth it. Nothing like it.

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