Storming Safety Beach

The forecast was sunny. Or at least that was how I interpreted it.

Temperature will peak to 30 C. I thought it was the perfect day to go to the beach with the family and my visiting sister.

Off we drove to Safety Beach at Mornington Peninsula.

While we were ordering our fish and chips for lunch, a heavy downpour suddenly happened.

Well, well, well. So much for my intelligent forecast.

We had to eat at the restaurant instead of getting slimy and dirty at the beach.

Still, the meal was fresh and delicious. No wonder the long line of people.

The rain didn’t stop. Now this wouldn’t be challenging if we didn’t have 7 young kids with us.


We were there.

We ran to the beach. The waves were high. Lightning was looming. People were leaving.


The kids jumped into the water with reckless abandonment.

And they had an awesome time.

Too good, they didn’t want to go home.


It’s so fascinating to be young.



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