My Only Child

Kiko has been my only child these past few days.
Well technically.
The first 5 babyccinos are in camp with the Captain while the baby just sleeps most of the time.
Kiko is entering the terrible 2 stage even before he turns 2. He reminds me of Pio at this age. He messes up twice faster than my clean up rate. He knows what he wants and makes sure he gets it by well… screaming. How else will I give in? I don’t want him to wake up Jose.
But he has such a contagious laughter. Too ticklish. His appetite is remarkable too. Feeding wise, he is topnotch.
I brought him to church yesterday. Thank God we were at the last pew. A mother chasing her wandering, restless toddler throughout the Mass. What a scene!
We walked around the church before going home, hand in hand.
He was happy. So am I.
They’re one of a kind.

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