My Kitchen Rules

These days I find my days too packed.
With homeschooling back to normal, a toddler who is trying to test every limit and a baby who needs a quiet house to sleep longer.
It’s all up to my eyes.
To manage my cooking load, I usually prepare my ingredients at night for the next day’s meal.
Suddenly, I found my girls in the kitchen. Or more like they found me swamped there. They raised their hands to help me. Almost insistently. Sasha helped me cook rice and a simple fresh tomato-capers-basil pasta while Nina marinated and bread coated the pork chops for next day’s dinner. They do it well too. We were finished in half the time it would usually take me.
Today, they helped me cook corn soup, prepare the ingredients for tomorrow’s lumpiang shanghai and load the dishwasher.
Here’s my boys tickling each other while shredding veggies using the food processor.
I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

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