Hello Terrible (Not Even) Two

He has yet to turn 2 but he has every sign and indication of a terrible toddler.
Mess all around the house. Insists on his own way. Broken plates at the kitchen floor. Flashlight, toothbrush (or what he lays his hands on) thrown in the toilet. Loud squeals when he’s hungry and angry. Climbs every table and chair. Runs wild around the church. The only rest I get is when he’s asleep.
But deep inside me I’m glad. That he’s normal, he’s playful and happy. His laughter melts my heart.
I think the child’s learning grows leaps and bounds during this stage. They turn into reliability testers for appliances or furnitures or anything for that matter. They want to put everything into their mouth. They assess and learn their boundaries. They explore relentlessly. They find their personalities and place within our large family.
It is an inevitable process.
These days I don’t lose my temper like I used to when faced with a toddler. Too many boys trained me. I have the older kids to help me distract my cheeky munchkin.
I know this is just a phase. We will all come out of it better, happier and wiser.
Also, I noticed the cheekier they are, the smarter they turn out to be. One of my naughtiest toddlers turned out to be such a nice boy.
There’s hope.

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