Midsummer Bushwalk @ Belgrave Lake Park

What happens when you get a spring weather in the middle of summer?
I refused to stay at home even though we are just at the onset of our homeschool year.
We drove to Belgrave Lake Park and had a picnic there as starter.
We decided to go bushwalking. It started at this bridge which crosses the Monbulk Creek.
  With a pleasant weather and adventurous kids, we ventured more into the unknown, into the thick woods.
This stop was the highlight. Kiko almost jumped to join the ducks.
We kept on walking until we got lost.
With 6 kids on tow. You would think it was a nightmare. Surprisingly, I found it fun.
Enjoyment found in the wrong turns but with the fondest company.
We found where we came from ultimately after walking for about 1 kilometer (or maybe shorter but that was how it felt like). The supreme challenge was carrying Kiko halfway through.
I kept on telling the kids that we’ll go to Gino’s Ah Cioccolato for churros right after our marathon as a prize. Which we did. The churros were gone even before I can blink my eyes.
Needless to say, I had a good afternoon nap after all the (mis)adventure.
Note to self:
Don’t forget to bring a stroller next time. Actually make it 2. One for Kiko, another one for Anton.

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