It’s a Beautiful Day

When we moved here about five years ago, I went through a major adjustment. Big time. From a life where I can just leave my kids behind with their yayas to have a good time with my girlfriends and have dates with the Captain to one which was almost totally isolating.

I used to soak myself in tears because I found it hard to accept the changes.

One time, I was crying so much that Sasha (just 5 years old then) hugged me tightly. I told her that I don’t have friends here. I missed my friends.

She was sobbing when she said “Mommy, we are your friends now.”

I should have seen the wisdom in her words.

Yesterday, I brought them to the pool. I didn’t want to swim until they started jumping in deep water. I had no choice but to join in.

I found myself having a swimming lesson with them.

They were happy. I was happy.

I can touch excitement in their voices.

I promised them we’ll go back more regularly.

We ended the afternoon with babyccinos at my favorite local cafe.

I can’t believe they’ve grown so much that it is getting more enjoyable to go out with them every time.

They get me and I get them.




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