Couldn’t Be Better: Five Years in Melbourne

Allow me to be nostalgic.

It’s been five years today since we took that flight off Singapore to Melbourne with four kids under 4 on tow and heaps of luggages.


It was a one way ticket. I was determined to give it all up:- my banking career, my helpers, my structured life, my immaculate house, my overseas holidays with the Captain, my branded make-ups, my spas and pedicures. My father said that the move was suicidal.

I know. That’s how stubborn I am.


Little did I know that this job I signed up for is irrevocable, unconditional and will never earn me a cent!

Our first year in Australia turned me from a banker to a homemaker. I had to learn what I had to learn fast. I had to learn to cook, to drive, to look after 4 young kids while going through morning sickness, to clean the house. You name it, I learned it.

I almost lost my mind.

Then I learned that I can homeschool my own kids. Why homeschool?

I had some brains left. I can’t go to work to earn some money for a cuppa because I can’t take leaving my babyccinos behind.


I would rather be the one left behind than the one who leaves to work. I even wrote a Letter About it to My Bestfriend, Tanya.

Might as well teach my own.

It was liberating to say the least. I still love it and will always do.

Of our 7 babyccinos, three were born here. Three boys in a row.

My comedic relief, Anton.

Whooping baby Kiko.

 The Seventh Wonder of the Yus, Jose.


Last year, we finally decided to put Luis and Nina to Harkaway Hills College. We’ve been blessed with knowing incredibly beautiful and generous families from this PARED school. Truly inspiring.

@ the Family Picnic

I am certain that my life will never be easy. I’ve embraced that reality. It is how God wants it to be. Let it be. I am convinced that it’s the best thing I can ever have. Loving God’s will gave me a profound peace. Contentment and gratitude prevail.

After all, it is worthwhile-quitting my job to stay at home.

I finally found happiness @ home.

It’s been 3 months now since Jose was born. Dusts have finally settled. We’re all back to a routine. I’m getting about 7 hours of sleep at night. (It’s like winning a lottery if I get this much rest.) My own kids are helping me run the house now. I see them grow in virtue as I try to improve in mine.

I’ve never felt better, happier.


The Captain and I are going to celebrate our 11th anniversary this May. Our lives Beyond I Do  just keeps on getting better. Thanks be to God.

Lately, I often catch myself thinking that truly, motherhood is the best job ever. Love is reciprocated. My babyccinos think that I am the greatest woman in the world.

For all that I have given up, I was blessed a hundredfolds back. Hopefully, one day, the payback will reflect in our bank account too.

Seriously, I don’t feel like I’m working anymore. I’m just loving every part of it.


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